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Is Ketamine Treatment Covered By Health Insurance?

Dec 19, 2019 2:22:38 PM

Is Ketamine Treatment Covered By Health Insurance?

With many patients hearing about the success that Ketamine is having on Treatment Resistant Depression, they become really interested in figuring out the answer to the question: “Does my health insurance plan cover Ketamine infusions?” 

Keep reading to find answers to your questions surrounding insurance reimbursement and Ketamine.

“Will I get reimbursed for Ketamine treatment?” 

“What steps do I take within the I.V. Ketamine treatment reimbursement process?” 

“Does Blue Cross Blue Shield reimburse Ketamine infusions?”

Several questions swirl and circulate, a delicate dance of discernment, when considering Ketamine. 

Fear not, Neuromend brings resolution! 

Our goal? To guide you through the reimbursement process. Keeping it serene and seamless.  


How to Get Your Ketamine Treatment Reimbursed by Health Insurance Companies 

A few simple steps ease the process of getting your Ketamine Infusions reimbursed by health insurance companies.

Here is how Neuromend handles that process:

  • Neuromend provides a Superbill upon your request

  • This Superbill itemizes the procedure for insurance companies

  • Neuromend supplies other supporting procedure-related documentation upon necessity from your insurance company

How To Get Insurance To Pay For Your Ketamine Infusions | Neuromend Ketamine Infusions

How To Get Your Ketamine Treatment Reimbursed by Blue Cross Blue Shield?

While Ketamine itself is FDA approved, Ketamine Treatment is not.

Given this, Blue Cross Blue Shield's policies regarding Ketamine are currently in the process of being shaped.

The great news? Your case can help shape BCBS's policy regarding Ketamine Therapy.

One Ketamine patient gives his testimony to this process.

Within one phone call, this patient educated BCBS about the success he received from Ketamine Treatments, contrasted against previous, unsuccessful treatments.

The result? Two of his follow-up Ketamine treatments were refunded by BCBS.

Yes, it can be that simple! And it should be. 

After all, one study indicates that over 20% of drugs in America are used for non-FDA-approved indications (called "off-label use"), at the discretion of the administering physician.

Ketamine Infusions fall within this category. 


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How Neuromend Makes Ketamine Reimbursement Easy?

What Ketamine Paperwork Will I Need from Neuromend?

  • A Superbill

  • Occasionally, a specific form to be filled out is required 

  • Sometimes, additional supporting documentation is requested


Within What Time-frame Does Neuromend Process My Ketamine Paperwork?  

  • Virtually none

  • Upon your request, Neuromend immediately fills out your paperwork

  • A few minutes later, you're set to sail


What Is Neuromend's Typical Cost Per Treatment & Is the Reimbursement Process Actually Seamless?

  • Neuromend's typical Ketamine Treatment cost is $425.oo per treatment

  • We strive to make your reimbursement process smooth and seamless

  • Our Neuromend team gently eases and advances this process


Do I Process My Ketamine Reimbursement Paperwork or Will Neuromend Do This for Me?

  • We are happy to mail your reimbursement paper to your health insurance company 

  • We're just as happy to mail or email this paperwork to you if preferred

On occasion, patient follow-up is required. Examples may be:

  • Coordinating a connection or phone call between BCBS and Neuromend

  • Seeking assistance or guidance from Neuromend if needed within the reimbursement process

Ready to see if Ketamine can help you?

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We Provide Effective Treatment For The Following Conditions: Major Depressive Disorders, Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Bipolar Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Chronic Migraines, Severe Anxiety, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Syndromes.

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