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Posted by Neuromend Team on Mar 29, 2019 6:01:28 AM

Balance is the key to a healthy life, but it can be difficult to achieve. Hectic schedules, responsibilities, and a culture that doesn't allow us to slow down; something always seems to get in the way of obtaining optimum health.


Get Back On Track 

We have an easy way for you to get back on track: Drip IV Therapies.

Intravenous therapies* provide results that undeniably reward our bodies with what it needs. Drip IV's mission is to provide a health-based, alternative method of achieving balance emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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A Two Minute Guide to IV Nutritional Therapy

Posted by Neuromend Team on Mar 22, 2019 6:08:40 AM

Curious about how IV Nutritional Therapy can improve your life? Here are the four most popular questions... Answered by our team!

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Neuromend Executive Director Brings Awareness To Local Event

Posted by Neuromend Team on Jan 31, 2019 8:42:44 AM


When: Saturday, February 9th from 10 am to 3 pm

Where: Cajun Harley Davidson in Scott, LA

This year at the Jeep Show and Shine Gumbo Cookoff , Neuromend's own Allen Green will be speaking on the success that their clinic has experienced treating patients with treatment-resistant depression and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) as well as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD).

Not many people have heard of CRPS and RSD, but to those diagnosed with it, they know it and its symptoms all too well.

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Your Habenula and Why it is the Most Important Part of Your Brain You Have Never Heard Of

Posted by Neuromend Team on Jan 27, 2019 5:01:30 PM



Table of Contents:

What is your habenula?

Why is it so important?

How do they know it is important?

How does this affect us in our daily life?

How can ketamine help?


What is your habenula?

Your habenula, sometimes referred to as the “Anti-reward System”, is a tiny area in the middle of your brain positioned between the thalamus and the stalk of the pineal gland.

The habenula regulates nearby reward areas and helps us to learn from actions made throughout our lives.

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How Setting SMART Goals for the New Year Can Aid Depression Treatment

Posted by Neuromend Team on Jan 8, 2019 10:05:52 AM

New year. New me.

Every January, motivation hits and we become determined that this is the year we will make major improvements in our lives. We sit down with a pen and paper and list all the things that we plan to change in the upcoming year. For those struggling with depression, finding the motivation to make improvements for the new year can seem daunting. When each day is a struggle to get out of bed, how can one even begin to contemplate gathering the motivation to make life-altering changes.

The research suggests otherwise.

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4 Reasons You Might Have the Holiday Blues and What You Can Do About Them

Posted by Neuromend Team on Nov 29, 2018 1:40:38 PM

Article Summary:

1) Social Media

2) Work is Stressing You Out

3) The Pressures of Gift Giving

4) Something or Someone is Missing


Well, it's that time of year again.

The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, sappy movies have us wondering why we can't find our lover to kiss under the mistletoe, and the family debate has begun on where everyone will be getting together to open presents.

The holidays have clearly crept up on us yet again. December is known to be a time for giving gifts, throwing parties, and visiting family.

It is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, right?

Then why do so many of us dread this season and the blues it brings with it?

These reasons may be a few of the culprits.

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How Ketamine Infusions are Helping Veterans Suffering from PTSD

Posted by Neuromend Team on Nov 15, 2018 2:15:08 PM

Veterans fight long and hard to keep our country safe and free. They spend many years sacrificing their time and energy preparing to battle those who pose a threat to the United States only to come home and fight a battle against an enemy where they received no training.

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Lafayette Native Set to Speak on Ketamine Infusion Therapy at This Year's AANA Conference

Posted by Neuromend Team on Nov 7, 2018 5:51:56 PM

Tracy P. Young, CRNA, MBA, MSNA, will be speaking at the AANA (American Association of Nurse Anesthetists) Practice Leadership Assembly this Friday, November 9th from 12:45 PM to 1:45 PM.

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New Study Shows Ketamine May Prove Effective In Treating RA and Fibromyalgia

Posted by Neuromend Team on Oct 29, 2018 1:47:51 PM

RA, the shortened name of rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia have proven to be difficult ailments to treat. Statistics show that roughly 1.5 million Americans suffer from RA, with nearly three-quarter of those suffering being women. RA also increases the risk of developing fibromyalgia.

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Starting a Ketamine Clinic: Expectations vs. Reality

Posted by Neuromend Team on Oct 19, 2018 8:08:57 AM


When facing a situation that few have done before, there are usually more questions than answers. Ketamine as a treatment for depression, especially TRD, is still in its infancy. Many trials and errors occur in order to produce the desired results. Here at NeuroMend, we have put in over a thousand hours into the research and development of how we use ketamine as an anti-depressant. While opening our own clinic, we have learned a lot. As always, when undertaking a task that few have attempted, expectation often differs from reality. Listed below are a few of our experiences we would like to share with you.

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