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NAD Infusions Are The Next Big Thing In Anti-Aging Medicine

Dec 3, 2019 5:53:06 PM

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With all the hype around anti-aging as of late, it is tough to overlook the obvious benefits of NAD+ and the role it plays in our Mitochondrial health and energy metabolism. Keep reading to discover all of the benefits of supplemental NAD.

Your body needs fuel for all activities throughout your life. You take the time out to make sure your body has the appropriate amount of fuel and nutrients it needs to function, right?

Now, think about your cells. They don’t get to rest. They are constantly running even while you sleep, day in and day out. If they take a break, your body fails. They need fuel just as you do to keep going.

That is where Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) comes in. It is one of the most significant tools your cells have to remain at optimal levels of functioning. The stronger you can make your cells, the stronger your body is at all its functions, from your immune system, to your brain, to your metabolism.


What is NAD+

NAD+ is a coenzyme present in almost every cell in your body. Its main purpose is to fuel your body’s metabolic cycles.

Think of it as the gas in your car. Without NAD+, your cells cannot metabolize the carbohydrates, fats and amino acids you consume.

NAD+ has also been linked to our body’s gene expression associated with age-related diseases. ​


How is NAD delivered?

NAD+ IV therapy is quickly becoming known as an all-natural, holistic method to receive NAD+.

The results have shown to be excellent in many areas associated with the aging process.

NAD+ IV therapy has been shown to be beneficial for those that are looking for relief from the multitude of changes from age-related diseases, and chronic fatigue.

The reason it is administered through an IV is that giving a high dose of NAD+ straight into your bloodstream, compared to other routes such as by mouth, will give you a faster, more effective results.

This high dose quickly boosts your NAD+ levels, which in turn makes your mitochondria more efficient by giving you the increase in energy you need.

Results typically last from 3 to 15 days, depending on where you are starting and what your end goals are.

Drip IV will help you determine the best route and protocol for your specific needs. Infusions are typically from 2 to 4 hours long depending on your specific need. For optimal results a series of 3 to 4 infusions may be needed.


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Boost Metabolism and Energy

If your goal is stop relying on coffee and energy drinks to get you through the day, NAD+ IV therapy can help.

NAD has been shown to generate energy within your cells. One step in this process includes the breaking down of carbohydrates into sugar.

When your body experiences an elevated blood sugar level, your cells begin metabolizing the simple carbohydrates, producing an excess NADH level.

When our NADH levels are too high several metabolic conditions can begin such as diabetes.

When your body doesn’t have enough NAD, or an excess amount of NADH, it is unable to activate the enzymes called sirtuins.

These enzymes play a role in aging by regulating cellular health. They're responsible for critical biological functions like DNA expression among other aspects of aging.

Studies have shown that elevated sirtuins may decrease the risk of developing diabetes and may also help reduce the risk of developing fatty liver disease. 

The effects of IV NAD therapy produce the same effect as calorie restriction and can help reduce body fat.


Increase Energy and Productivity

Chronic fatigue can be a daily battle for those that suffer from this.

Conventional treatment typically involves prescriptions of antidepressants and sleep medications.  This treatment is akin to simply covering up the issue with a bandage. 

IV NAD therapy brings the energy you need directly to the cellular level addressing the problem from the core. NAD increases production of ATP, which is the currency your cells use for energy.

NAD IV therapy is arguably the best brain restoration therapy on the market today.

It increases the function of your neurons, protects your cells from damage, toxicity and death, and promotes mitochondrial biogenesis.

Overall, if your brain is healthy and functioning at optimal levels, you’ll make better decisions and be more productive.


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As we age, one of the first symptoms we see is cognitive decline.

With age comes decreased memory and our thought process also slows. Neurodegeneration, or the loss of structure and function of the neurons, occurs and decreases our mind's ability to function optimally.

NAD+ can help to protect your brain and neurons from this decline improving our memory and ability to be more effective throughout our day.

Many people who have experienced NAD IV therapy have seen brain benefits such as increased concentration, improved memory, increased mental clarity, and even improvements in their mood.

It was discovered that NAD levels decline as we age and affects many other processes that rely on NAD as well.

The enzymes discussed above, known as sirtuins, play a large role in how the body ages by regulating inflammation and DNA protection.

Sirtuins only function in the presence of NAD. NAD is needed for the sirtuins to start and stop protective pathways associated with the pathologies of age-related diseases.  



Inflammation causes damage to your DNA and other structures in your cells, which can lead to cell death.

When we consume inflammatory foods, breathe in pollutants, or are exposed to other toxic chemicals, our cells are at risk.

With generous amounts of NAD, your cells can activate enzymes to prevent and correct DNA damage caused by these toxins and pollutants. 


Reversing Neurodegenerative Diseases and Chronic Illnesses

When your mitochondria aren’t functioning efficiently, your cells do not obtain the proper amount of energy to keep your health at optimal levels.

NAD+ has been shown to increase energy production which is connected to defeating chronic ailments.

Without enough NAD+, as occurs with natural aging ATP levels will also go down. Low ATP levels lead to the consumption of the body’s energy reserves within your cells and can lead to premature cell death.

Within the body, your nerve cells are affected, depleted energy from the cellular level presents outwardly as fatigue, depression, problems with mental focus, and anxiety.

Illness has a better chance of setting in when your mitochondria lack proper energy. This is where NAD+ infusions and other amino acids help with the needed energy production stopping permanent damage from occurring.


Want to learn more and discover if NAD infusions are the right choice for you?

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