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Summer Depression: Sadness When the Sun is Out

Jul 30, 2019 4:11:14 PM

Summertime Depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder


Since setting goals for the new year, you've looked forward to taking steps to implement change and make this year the best yet. Now, midway through the summer, those goals have fallen by the wayside and you're no further on the progression track of life than you were six months to a year ago. This realization can be overwhelming.

How did you fall so far off course when you were so determined such a short period ago?

Could depression have something to do with it?

Many people know about Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). However, the term is usually associated with winter time when the temperature drops and the days become shorter. The term is rarely associated with summer when the days are long and the worries are short.

But, are they really?

As summer rolls in, the list of things to do can often become unbearable.

As the children begin to create memories they will cherish for life, parents are stuck continuing their work schedule in addition to finding babysitters, camps, daycare, etc.

Don't forget about that amazing vacation you need to plan too. Someone has to pay for it, right? And, what's a summer if you didn't go anywhere or are not able to post glorified pictures online even though we all know scrolling through social media worsens your depression. 

Will you even want to post those pictures? Your stress increases as you frantically search for an app with a filter that will hide the 10lbs you were supposed to lose after New Years...

You had told yourself you would lose 10 pounds in six months by the time vacation came along, yet now you need to lose 15 in two weeks. How did that happen? Where did all this pressure come from?

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Why am I so miserable this summer when I'm SUPPOSED to be happy.

Summer is a great time of the year that many people look forward to although it doesn't have to be that way for everyone. If you're not a fan of the heat and humidity, it's okay to stay in and relax. Or at least prepare with proper hydration.

Vacation also doesn't have to be expensive. Taking a trip to the mountains instead of the beach can actually be a nice change of pace for most families. Which by the way, you can enjoy the outdoors, hiking, and camping all with having to model last year's tan-kini.

road in mountain forestAnd, while summers with children out of school can be a cause of chaos in your life, it doesn't have to choke the last bit of happiness from your soul. Set boundaries in the evening for the kids to settle down in their rooms while mom takes a warm bath and dad catches up with sports. Exercise can also be a great stress reliever and with the days being so much longer than their winter counterparts, there is actually enough time to cook dinner and get a run in.

Having a proper bedtime routine can also help alleviate daily anxiety and ensure that you recover properly from them with a good night's rest. Supplementing with melatonin, adaptogens, or CBD can be a great addition to your evening routine as well.

And if you or someone you know has been suffering with summer seasonal affective disorder or depression for quite some time, there are other avenues and treatment for you. FDA approved Spravato (Esketamine) nasal spray is also now available at NeuroMend.

Click below and ask how we have helped numerous others with their treatment resistant depression.

Disclaimer: As of September 29, 2023, NeuroMend no longer offers Spravato treatments. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to consult with our team or your healthcare provider for alternative options.

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