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4 Reasons You Might Have the Holiday Blues & What You Can Do About Them

Nov 29, 2018 1:40:38 PM

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The holidays have quickly crept up on us, yet again! Here's how you can be proactive in not letting the December blues get you down.

It's the most wonderful time of year! A time for celebration with your closest friends and family. When we're supposed to forget about our daily routine and just enjoy ourselves, right?

Beyond all of the gifts and celebrating, it also okay for this joyous occasion to sometimes bring on negative emotions, too. What "Christmas" means may not always match up with our expectations.

This time of year is always hectic, but there are a few activities that we should be aware of that could possibly be causing our holiday blues.

  1. Social Media
  2. Work is Stressing You Out
  3. The Pressures of Gift Giving
  4. Something or Someone is Missing

1) Social Media

Chances are pretty good that you were scrolling through your timeline looking at how happy everyone is for the holidays when you came across this article. As it stands, we already spend entirely too much time on social media comparing ourselves to others. We think things like, "How come I don't look like that?" or "Why do they always get to travel?" It seems like everybody is living their best life - except for us.

Here is a little secret for you; we are all struggling in one way or another.

Social media is not reality and should not be taken as such. Filters and throw-back-Thursday posts have us believing things that are simply not true.

Take a break from social media

This holiday season, pump the breaks on social and the social anxiety that is attached to it. Do your best to be aware of the positives that you have surrounding you. Turn your phone off and take time to enjoy a walk, a meal or a conversation with friends without any interruption.

2) Work is Stressing You Out

As January 1st nears, the deadlines begin to pile up. This, that, these, and those all need to be completed before you have any chance at enjoying the holidays. The problem is there just isn't enough time to finish it all. Yes, you may be getting a couple of days off for Christmas, but that equals less time to complete the work before it is due. And don't forget about all the shopping, decorating, cooking and cleaning that must be done before the family gets together.

Feeling overwhelmed yet?

Me too. It's okay. Take a deep breath... Sip your coffee...

focus your time and energy on what is essential

And let the rest go. The holidays are a stressful time for many people. Below are a couple of articles from that will help you increase your productivity.

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3) The Pressures of Gift Giving

Giving out gifts is one of the best feelings the holidays can provide. Seeing a smile as your loved one tears open the wrapping brings warmth to our hearts that cannot be replaced. Yet somewhere in the back of our mind, we are already calculating how much we are going to have to budget come January because of the financial deficit the presents have put us in.

The struggle is real. Giving = Happiness but Less Money = More Stress.

 It's the thought that counts

It's cliché but true. Instead of buying an expensive present, take an hour or two to make something for your loved ones. This will not only save you money this holiday season, but the effort will be clearly visible to those who receive their gifts.

Here are 100+ free or frugal gift ideas for your holidays.

4) Something or Someone is Missing

Humans are creatures of habit. We enjoy familiarity and avoid unfamiliar situations or circumstances. When a routine is changed, it can bring up feelings of anxiety or sadness. It's likely that you've spent your holidays in the same way for many years. However, this year is different. 

A move away from home or perhaps (we hope not) the recent loss of someone close to you may have dampened your spirits.

Your feelings are natural

Although sadness and grief are expected, circumstantial reactions, that doesn't mean you have to face these feelings alone. Reach out to others around you; friends, family or the community. They can offer you much needed support and companionship.

We're here to help for the holidays

The Neuromend staff would like to wish you well during the holidays! We sincerely hope that none of you end up suffering from the blues, but if you do, know that we are here to help. There are many ways to get in touch with us. You can click on the link below or check out our contact page for more options.

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Neuromend Team

Written by Neuromend Team

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