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Starting a Ketamine Clinic: Expectations vs. Reality

Oct 19, 2018 8:08:57 AM


how to start a ketamine clinic

When facing a situation that few have done before, there are usually more questions than answers. Ketamine as a treatment for depression, especially TRD, is still in its infancy. Many trials and errors occur in order to produce the desired results. Here at NeuroMend, we have put in over a thousand hours into the research and development of how we use ketamine as an anti-depressant. While opening our own clinic, we have learned a lot. As always, when undertaking a task that few have attempted, expectation often differs from reality. Listed below are a few of our experiences we would like to share with you.


Expectation (Quick Startup/Straight Forward)

With all the recent news surrounding the wondrous efficacy of ketamine as a treatment for a variety of depression related issues, there has been a surge of new ketamine clinics being established around the nation. The increase in clinics has the potential to help thousands of people as depression levels reach an all-time high throughout America. The idea of opening a clinic quickly to provide this treatment and create a business of your own sounds straight forward. However, many of these clinics are running into problems that they didn't foresee.


Reality (Slow and Arduous Process)

Opening a ketamine clinic is very similar to learning the game of chess. Acquiring the basics to play casual games with friends hardly takes any time at all. To gain an advanced skill level takes hundreds to thousands of hours of study and practice. The hardest part of opening a clinic isn't finding a location or staff. Many medical professionals are excited about the future of ketamine and for a good reason. The toughest part is the many hours needed to perfect the art and science of administering ketamine to patients in an ethical and efficient way all while maintaining a patient load large enough to run a successful clinic. Creating the business will take time and effort many do not realize until they are head first into the complications of the business world. NeuroMend can offer you the ability to be leaps and bounds of where most will be stuck, trudging through hours of reinventing the wheel. Check out our Infusion Protocol and Ops Manual below to allow us to help you get started. 


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Expectation (Busy)

With all of the beautiful stories people are sharing about how ketamine has miraculously pulled them from the depths of depression, it would be safe to assume that those with depression would be fighting to get in the door of the nearest clinic to seek treatment. The patient numbers are rising, but there is still work to be done to grow your clientele to a sustainable size.


Reality (It Is Taking Time)

In an age where people have unlimited access to resources, both good and bad, they are skeptical anytime the word "cure" is used. Celebrities with no medical training write posts or appear on TV claiming that they have discovered the next superfood to cure all of humanity's illnesses. However, there is a major dissonance between these celebrities' claims and medical professionals who have used proven science by trial and error to develop a methodology that is seeing efficacy rates near 80%. With the ability to focus on your population and growth you can overcome this reality. We have given you the freedom to do just this by helping you fast forward through the arduous task of creating your policies, procedures, and can help with marketing your business.


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Expectation (FDA Approval Coming Soon)

With all the recent studies being conducted, as well as the FDA placing ketamine their fast-tracked list, everyone in the medical field has been expecting approval soon. Doing so would not only allow more funds to be used for research, but patients would also benefit by more insurance coverage for the help they need.


Reality (Many Factors Preventing Approval)

Many factors are preventing FDA approval for the use of ketamine as a treatment for depression. One primary reason hindering approval is the lack of long-term studies. Ketamine is FDA approved for purposes such as an anesthetic and a pain reliever, such as for replacing spinal stimulation. Currently, ketamine is being used off-label as a depression treatment (For more information regarding Spravato vs Ketamine, click here!). Using a drug other than the way intended by the FDA is what gives it the term off-label. However, there are many instances throughout history where an off-label drug became a primary use to treat a symptom other than the one intended. An example seen every day is the use of aspirin as a preventative measure for those with a high risk of heart attack or stroke. Many other off-label uses develop as clinical experience reveals positive correlations between two factors that were not seen previously. You may run into questions of ethics and find yourself without answers regarding how you can make your business work. Through the creation of a successful ketamine clinic NeuroMend has developed a database of knowledge we want to share with you. We may have many answers that will guide you along the way.


Our Take

The topics above only highlight a few of the challenges that we have faced. However, our faith in ketamine is not deterred. Seeing life-changing improvements through hundreds of infusions, in patients that had such little hope before treatment is the primary factor that keeps us motivated. Let us help you join in the efforts to help thousands of patients that deserve relief all while creating a successful business of your own.


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