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Joe Rogan Talks Drip IV Therapy

Aug 20, 2019 11:30:59 AM

_IV Vitamin Drips... I Swear By Them!_

Read on to see what Joe Rogan and Brendan Schaub had to say about IV Vitamin Therapy.

On episode #74 of the Joe Rogan Experience Youtube show, Joe and Brendan take a moment and discuss their experience with IV vitamin drips.

With COVID-19 cases increasing in the last couple of weeks, we are faced with finding ways to be more proactive in preventing and fighting the Covid-19. Find out how to stay proactive in keeping your immune system healthy.

Joe's Thoughts On IV Therapy

Brendan's wife used them almost exclusively to battle and relieve her pregnancy nausea.

In reference to how he felt after receiving an IV therapy, Rogan quotes, "I felt like I was ready to run through a wall even on just 3 hours of sleep."

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