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Ketamine Infusions: Maintaining Your Journey, Creating Your Treatment Timeline

Aug 23, 2019 9:01:56 AM

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At the onset of your Ketamine journey, a quintessential question emerges: 

“What is the perfect Ketamine-infusion timeline?”  How should you approach maintenance Ketamine Infusions?

The answer, in short, is that no “blanket” timeline exists.

Why so?

Quite simply, because Ketamine maintenance is as individualized as we are. 

Hence, creating a Ketamine infusion maintenance plan tailored to each patient is vital. 

Below illustrates implementation aides (and pitfalls to avoid) when developing one’s Ketamine infusion maintenance plan: 


I. Self-awareness


Once Ketamine enters your life, your world begins to change. 

During this season, Ketamine patients are strongly encouraged to journal daily for growth in self-awareness. Through journaling, you’ll grow to realize if and when depression symptoms resurface between treatments, which may include: 


  1. Shifts in mood
  2. Inner dialogue: Is it growing negative?
  3. Fleeting suicidal thoughts
  4. Unmovable negativity
  5. Emotional (and sometimes physical) heaviness
  6. Breathing difficulty
  7. Slightly paranoid thoughts
  8. Absence of ease when processing information
  9. Desire for isolation
  10. Anger toward self or others
  11. Clouded thinking
  12. Overall sense that everyday life is a struggle


The onset of these symptoms indicates that it’s time for another Ketamine infusion. The goal is to “stay on top of your symptoms” before they exacerbate. 


During this season, you'll also utilize journaling to recognize the difference between structural and chemical depression. Labelling emotions and asking yourself questions proves efficacious during this phase. 

                                      . . . 

Enjoy getting to know yourself without depression, as well! Journaling your observations while unshackled will help you immediately recognize if and when depression symptoms resurface. Maintain a keen relationship with your interior. Consistently journal and question:


  1. How do my thoughts differ when free of the depression “filter”?
  2. What is my motivation level today?
  3. Are my thoughts growing negative or self-defeating?
  4. Are my coping tools helping?
  5. Am I able to encourage myself, as a friend?
  6. Am I being unjustly hard on myself?
  7. Do I believe that these negative thoughts and emotions could be incorrect?
  8. Can I see other options?
  9. Can I engage in conversations with those around me?
  10. Do I need sleep?


This is an exciting season of getting reacquainted with yourself. You’ll learn new skills for navigating within a whole world of emotions; emotions no longer hijacked by depression! 


How Ketamine Relieves Depression Download

II. Patience


Unfortunately, “journey” and “instantaneous” are not synonymous. Shaping your individual Ketamine infusion maintenance timeline takes patience. Working closely with your doctor (while growing in self-awareness through journaling) creates this timeline. Your predetermined, genetic composition largely shapes your infusion timeline. This season of self-observation, journaling, and learning oneself may take a few weeks.

Eventually, the perfectly tailored timeline comes into view. 



III.  Acceptance


Some things are simply predetermined. Unfortunately, no force or willful desire can recreate your brain’s chemical hard-wiring. Trying to control your depression in order to control your infusion maintenance schedule invites frustration.

For some, this self-acceptance poses quite a hurdle. Our culture encourages pride and independence. Control and conquer. Yet, in this case, accepting what is beyond one’s control gains the humility to focus clearly on the journey. Once you can do this, your infusion schedule freely takes shape.


Every journey has its challenges. With a little foresight, these pitfalls can be easily avoided: 

I. Mis-measurement


The temptation of using time frames between appointments as measurement of your success may arise. Don’t give in!

Regardless of how well your depression symptoms are kept at bay, your brain expects the antidepressant qualities of Ketamine to arrive on time. Think of managing pain after surgery, or fever during sickness. Taking medicine before the ailment reaches its peak is recommended.

If dosage timing is altered, unnecessary suffering often ensues. Similarly, and superiorly, managing one’s depression is managing one’s life. Frequency of infusions has nothing to do with measuring your will or ability to cope. Remember this!

II. Comparison


Comparison is your foe.

Dosage and frequency of Ketamine infusions may in fact be very individualized. Because individual brain chemistry and history differ, infusion maintenance may differ.

Comparing your maintenance plan to another's plan is like  inviting noisy static into quiet meditation. This distraction stunts growth in self-awareness, which needs to be your primary focus. Beyond time lost, trying to force yourself into another’s maintenance model induces feelings of inferiority. This is your Ketamine journey, and it's too precious for comparisons.

Take an oath against this self-defeating habit! 

In Summation ...


During this season, be patient with yourself. Enjoy this season of fresh self-awareness, self-acceptance and hope. It is your Springtime. 


“What is the perfect Ketamine infusion-timeline?”




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