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Now Offering: Insurance Coverage for Spravato™

Dec 2, 2020 3:10:34 PM

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The FDA approved form of Ketamine (Spravato or Esketamine) hitting the market has sparked many consumers' curiosity. What is it? Is it covered by my insurance? Keep reading for answers to a few questions you may have about Spravato.

Insurance providers are now offering coverage for SPRAVATO™!

People who are currently struggling with major depressive disorder (MDD) may have treatment resistant depression (TRD) if they have not responded adequately to at least two different antidepressants of adequate dose and duration in the current depressive episode. Spravato™ is a great treatment option for these people.

What is SPRAVATO(esketamine) CIII nasal spray?

Spravatois a prescription medicine (nasal spray), used along with an antidepressant taken by mouth to treat:

  •  Adults with treatment-resistant depression (TRD)
  •  Depressive symptoms in adults with major depressive disorder (MDD) with suicidal thoughts or actions
Spravato was approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) on March 5, 2019, and is only available to patients at REMS–certified treatment centers in the United States such as NeuroMend Infusion Center.
What's the difference between Esketamine and Ketamine? For more information regarding Spravato vs Ketamine, click here!
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The following insurance companies provide coverage for SPRAVATO™ at Neuromend Infusion Center: 

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Gilsbar
  • Humana Military/ Triwest
  • Multiplan/ PHCS
  • Zelis/ PPO Plus
  • United Healthcare
  • United Behavioral Health
  • Cigna Behavioral Health
  • Peoples Health
  • Aetna
Be sure to connect with us even if your provider isn't listed for potential opportunities to receive financial assistance. 

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