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Why I Am Not Too "Manly" To Ask For Help With Depression

Jan 12, 2018 2:32:53 PM

Millions of people are affected by mental health disorders every year. Depression is among the greatest of these illnesses, and men are more likely than women to not seek treatment.  The “stigma” of our masculinity being threatened keeps thousands of men from seeking help. The thought of becoming vulnerable to something they cannot control, or looking weak in the eyes of their family and friends can allow this serious illness to spiral out of control. 


Countless men attempt to deal with this on their own, affecting their family life, their work, and other aspects of their health. Sadly, men feel compelled to try and hide their sickness until they are led deep, down a dark path. You are not alone. I understand the feeling all too well.

As a man that has battled depression silently for many years, I know the struggles you face. I know the difficulties that make you shy away from seeking treatment. I myself live in a masculine society where my culture pressures me to succeed and be a certain “type” of man.  Just sitting here writing this stirs up feelings of vulnerability, wondering who might read this and think differently of me.  Spending many years fighting the need to seek help and reluctant to reach out knowing that there is support all around. There is hope and there is a way out.

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At NeuroMend, Louisiana's only specialized Ketamine Infusion Center we offer a secure, private and relaxing place to seek treatment. Ketamine is a rapid and effective alternative and/or adjunct to your current treatment. We will work closely with you, and if you have a mental health provider, we will work closely with them as well.

Please, Contact Us today, or Schedule Your Free Consult, to seek help for your depression or PTSD. Your call is free and absolutely private and secure. Don’t let another day slip by. Remember, it is OK to be afraid and overwhelmed. It is also OK to reach out for help. It doesn’t make you any less of a man.

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Neuromend Team

Written by Neuromend Team

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