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Welcome to Drip IV Therapies

Mar 29, 2019 6:01:28 AM

Untitled design (18)Balance is the key to a healthy life, but it can be difficult to achieve. Hectic schedules, responsibilities, and a culture that doesn't allow us to slow down; something always seems to get in the way of obtaining optimum health.


Get Back On Track 

We have an easy way for you to get back on track: Drip IV Therapies.

Intravenous therapies* provide results that undeniably reward our bodies with what it needs. Drip IV's mission is to provide a health-based, alternative method of achieving balance emotionally, mentally, and physically.

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*Intravenous therapy (a.k.a. IV therapy or IV nutrient therapy) is a type of treatment commonly used for its wide range of health benefits. Because IV treatment is administered directly into the veins, the results may be faster than those of oral or other traditional medicines. Results will vary based on the number of treatments and other functional lifestyle factors including diet, exercise, and health history.

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Immediate Results

The therapy takes only 30 to 45 minutes to administer. You'll feel invigorated almost immediately, and the feeling will last for days.


Total Absorption

The absorption of orally consumed vitamins and fluids can be as low as 15%. With IV Therapy, that rate skyrockets up to 100%.

Benefits received from IV Nutrient Therapy:

  • Boosts metabolism
  • Combats chronic fatigue
  • Replaces key nutrients lacking from our diet
  • Assists with age management
  • Speeds up muscle recovery


Want to learn more? Check out our Two Minute Guide to IV Nutritional Therapy or click on the button below to schedule your free consultation today!

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Neuromend Team

Written by Neuromend Team

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