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Theo Von & Dr. Pooler Talk Ketamine Therapy: A New Mental Health Tool

Jul 22, 2021 7:57:24 AM

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Episode 341: ketamine therapy

Theo Von invites Dr. Jason Pooler, founder and medical director of the Chattanooga Ketamine Center, to provide his insights between Ketamine Therapy and depression. 

On this podcast, together they discuss the below topics:

  • Ketamine Therapy
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy
  • Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy
  • Attachment Injury
  • Negative Connotations with Ketamine Therapy
  • Concussions
  • What Ketamine does
  • Side Effects


ketamine therapy & Mental Health

Ketamine Therapy is gaining ground as a promising treatment for major depression and correlating symptoms, such as anxiety and suicidal thoughts. 

Throughout this podcast, Dr. Pooler discusses how he started in Ketamine Therapy and how it was used in one of his original lines of work, anesthesia.

Pooler discusses how Ketamine Therapy is new tool that is now used to help with depression.

It requires 6 treatments and it works differently than normal antidepressants because it changes your perception of pain and how you perceive distress. Dr. Pooler's work with anesthesia helped him to see the difference that Ketamine has on the body, and how much better his patients did with pain tolerance and prevention, such as reducing Chronic Migraines. Not only does Ketamine help with depression and migraines, but other things such as: PTSD, Crohn's Disease, Peripheral Neuropathies, Fibromyalgia, and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Theo Von also opens up about his personal struggle with depression.

After taking antidepressants for 20 years, he wanted to know if he would have to continue taking them for the rest of his life. This lead him into looking into Ketamine Therapy. Theo discusses his personal experiences during Ketamine Therapy and the hallucinations that he had. One of the main things that had a huge impact on him during therapy was his hallucination of seeing his dad, whom passed on when Theo was much younger. He realized an underlying pain of not being able to have his Dad in his life and felt that the Ketamine Therapy gave him the chance to complete his grieving process. 

More About "this past weekend" Podcast

This Past Weekend" is one of the fastest growing podcasts on the internet right now. It's hosted by well known comedian Theo Von. Twice a week Theo offers advice and suggestions to callers as well as talks about events happening in his life. On each episode, Theo has different guests come on the show and speak about a range of different topics.

"This Past Weekend" Episode 341 is available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Youtube. 

Have questions about Ketamine Therapy? 

At NeuroMend, we offer treatment solutions that can help you achieve optimal health. Our functional approach to depression, migraines, and chronic pain go beyond common prescriptions.

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We offer cutting-edge Ketamine protocols that have helped thousands of patients get their life back even after trying most prescription medications. Contact us for more information about our offerings or schedule a free consultation with us.

Disclaimer: As of September 29, 2023, NeuroMend no longer offers Spravato treatments. We apologize for any inconvenience and encourage you to consult with our team or your healthcare provider for alternative options.

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